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Welcome to our new partner program. Ascend replaces the STEP partner program, and it’s designed to serve our Mobile, Display and SSD partners in a consistent manner, while also serving our partners’ specialized needs. Samsung wants to ensure all partners have the tools they need to drive business success.


Why Become An Ascend Partner

Samsung is a world-class leader in technology and business solutions. We deliver innovation and exceptional value to our Business Partners. Our diverse business portfolio and capabilities provide a platform for consistently creating market-leading solutions that help you and your clients address real-world business challenges.

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Seize Every Opportunity

All partners have access to Samsung’s new partner portal. Whether it’s capitalizing on a new customer opportunity or identifying a client problem, time is of the essence. Our Partnership Relationship Management (PRM) portal provides a single, simple point of access to sales programs, pipeline management tools, marketing assets and training.




Partner Program Tiers and Benefits*

Partner Program Tiers and Benefits



Samsung for Business

As a global leader in enterprise mobility and information technology, Samsung provides enterprise products and services that help

customers realize the promise of digital business. 


We make solutions

Samsung utilizes partnersips to transform our products into end-to-end solutions. From hardware to software to implementation, we work with integrators to bring these solutions to life.

We make solutions

Products we make for business

Our diverse portfolio of business products is designed to boost employee productivity, improve customer engagement and simplify IT management.

Tailored for your industry

Samsung provides an array of solutions, products and services specifically designed for your industry.

How Samsung works for your business

Together with our ecosystem of carefully selected partners, we’ll help you every step of the way. From purchase to implementation, Samsung is there for your business.



We manufacture best-in-class products for businesses.



Products are shipped to our network of distributors.

Provides and Resellers

Providers & Resellers

Resellers sell our products to businesses, while integrators help install and set up products.



End customers fulfill the purpose of our products and of every Samsung innovation.


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Embrace the portal and connect with us! Now that you know the steps, let's get going!

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